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  • Keeping Your Pets Safe In The Car

    Even though dogs love the wind blowing in their face while your driving down the road, the risk or danger involved simply is NOT worth it!  Dust, debris and even foreign objects are known to enter into your pets eyes causing damage, infection (such as conjunctivitis) or even ulcers.  Dog goggles are a good protection method for eyes although they do NOT protect their ears! When your dogs head is hanging out a vehicle window, … Read More »

  • Nutritional Needs for Senior Dogs

    As our canine friends age, their bodies and immune systems change as well.  Often times a dog’s metabolism will slow down as they age and if their feeding regimen is not change.  This may cause your dog to become overweight.  Most senior dogs begin to experience arthritis pain as they age and having excess weight on their stiff joints may lead to additional tenderness.  As a result the dog tends to exercise less which also … Read More »

  • Nutritional Needs for our Senior Cats

    As our pets become seniors, there are a lot of physical and mental changes that occur within their bodies.   As these changes occur their nutritional requirements change as well.  The way the body uses energy changes, along with the amount of substance needed to produce energy.  The metabolism of both dogs and cats slow down so their need for fat and calories decreases.   It is up to you, the owner to monitor your pet for … Read More »

  • Choosing the Perfect Kitten

    Most of us cannot resist the temptations of that free adorable kitten from the neighbour.  Owning a cat means committing to the financial, medical and daily care for that animal for the next 15 to 20 years. Cats can be more independent than dogs, but that does not mean that they do not require daily feedings, access to fresh water and litter box changes.  Cats can handle living is small quarters which makes them ideal … Read More »

  • Picking the Perfect Puppy

    Choosing a pet should be a decision made by the entire family, since the entire family will have a role in the commitment and care of the animal.  Have a cat or dog is a life-long obligation that should not be taken likely.  There are financial, medical, and daily responsibilities that are required for owning a pet.   The first year of your pet’s life can be expensive but it is an investment that can allow … Read More »

  • Haunted Halloween For Your Pets

    Although Halloween is a fun and excited time for us, it can be very scary and uncomfortable for our pets.  They don’t understand why there are numerous strangers ringing the door bell and coming into the house in funny costumes throughout the night.  The noises they hear from people outside, the colourful costumes, the ringing the door bell and the volume of people can cause your pet to be uneasy in their own home.  The … Read More »

  • Travelling With Your Pet

    Travelling with the family pet can be a fun experience if proper planning has been done before you embark on your trip. There are several factors you should consider before planning to take your pet on vacation with you: Has your pet travelled before and is he happy and comfortable when travelling? Does your pet have any medical problems (ex: heart issues) that would make it unwise for him to travel? Is your destination (friends, … Read More »

  • Your Aging Pet

    Aging is not the inevitable beginning of sickness and suffering.  Older pets can enjoy many years of active life when owners are aware of their changing health needs.  Throughout this blog we will explain how aging can affect your pet and what signs you should observe and discuss with your veterinarian. Coat and Skin Decreased elasticity leads to thickened dry skin.  The haircoat may become dry and brittle.  Sebaceous glands can become hyperactive leading to … Read More »

  • Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

    For both males and females, spaying or neutering provides certain health benefits as well as eliminating distress and distraction for your pet.  Why Should I Neuter or spay My Pet? “Spaying” is the procedure used for female pets.  “Neutering” normally refers to the procedure used for male pets.  Spaying or neutering your pet has many benefits for both you and your pet: Eliminates the reproduction of unwanted or homeless puppies and kittens. It is not … Read More »