Resolutions For Cats

Resolutions For Cats

New Year’s greetings to all of you! And for our whiskered, meowing patients, a Happy Mew Year on January 2nd. As we ring in the new year (and try to get used to writing 2024 on things) many people are thinking about what they want out of the coming year. It may seem like kitties just want naps, catnip, and lap space, but it turns out that our feline companions have their own to-do list for the year. A local Mt. Airy, GA veterinarian goes over some of Fluffy’s top goals in this article.

Improve Napping Skills

If we know one thing about our feline overlords—aside from the fact that they are very, very good at getting us to spoil them—it’s the fact that they are collectively very, very tired. Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day, though most of them somehow manage to scrape by on about 12 to 18. (We aren’t entirely convinced that they actually need that much rest, but that’s another topic.) Help your drowsy little pet out by offering lots of comfy spots to snuggle up in.

Getting good rest can be a great resolution for people as well. Sleep is very important for your health and well-being!

Consider Revealing Some Secrets

We’ve learned quite a bit about Fluffy over the last year or so. For instance, we’ve found that cats can make nearly 300 different facial expressions, and that they prey on a wide variety of animals and insects. (There were a whopping 2,084 creatures on Fluffy’s menu, including 347 that are listed as threatened.) 

While our feline pals will probably never give up all of their secrets, they really do benefit from us having a better understanding of them. Of course, it’s not always easy getting them to cooperate with researchers. Perhaps Fluffy will have a change of heart this year.  

As for you? Take time to read some of the more recent findings. You may be surprised at how much light this may shed on your cute pet’s personality and behavior! 

Dominate Scotland

This one may seem like a lofty goal, but it’s definitely a worthy one. Researchers involved in a rewilding program have successfully released 19 Scottish Wildcats into the Cairngorms. The breed, which was on the brink of extinction, is poised to hopefully pounce on a chance for a comeback. We’re hoping that next year we’ll be able to announce that even more of these majestic floofs are thriving.

Get Complete Control Of The Humans

Scotland may not be the only country in Fluffy’s sight.

You’ve likely heard of the Crazy Cat Lady syndrome. Believe it or not, there is a bit of truth to this. As it turns out, some cats do carry a parasite, toxoplasmosis gondii. This particular parasite affects its victims’ brains … by making them fond of cats. This, in turn, makes hunting quite a bit easier for Fluffy. While there is minimal risk, there is a concern for pregnant women and those with immune deficiencies. Fortunately, taking a few simple precautions, like having someone else clean the litterbox and washing your hands thoroughly, will mitigate the risks. Most cases can also be quickly resolved with medication. Ask your Mt. Airy, GA vet for more information.

As to Fluffy? Well, she may be back to the drawing board and working on other ways to take over the universe. Cat World Domination Day is coming up on June 24th: we’ll check back then.

Finally Get That Pesky Red Dot

Fluffy may be a cold, efficient killer, but she’s also pretty comical when she’s on the prowl. Taking time to play with your feline pal is very important! Play not only helps keep kitties fit, it also offers beneficial mental stimulation. While your pet should have some things she can use alone, interactive play is both more fun and more challenging for her. Laser pointers are an easy way to do this. Just keep one near your favorite chair or sofa spot, and entertain your furry pal as you watch TV. (Note: never shine the light directly into Fluffy’s eyes.)

As for you, well, making an effort to play with your cat daily is definitely an awesome goal in our book! 

Figure Out New Ways To Boss The Humans Around

Did you know that our feline overlords may have started meowing specifically to boss us around? Cats don’t usually talk to one another: they communicate with each other using facial expressions and body language. (And occasionally, violence.) It seems cats figured out that having a meow that resembles a baby’s cry is very helpful at getting us to, well, spoil them. However, while kitties are pretty good at giving us orders by meowing at us, things do get lost in translation.

Modern technology may lend a helping paw here. You can now get your furry buddy programmable paw pads that speak specific words when Fluffy steps on them. As one may expect, our feline pals are particularly fond of demanding food, treats, catnip, and playtime. 

Show Love. At Least Once.

It’s hard not to melt when a cute kitty shows affection. In fact, when you snuggle your pet, a special hormone, the cuddle hormone, is released in you both. This reinforces feelings of being loved, safe, and happy.

That said, cats have some pretty interesting ways of showing their love. Fluffy may curl up on your lap, follow you around, rub against your legs, meow at you, or sleep on your pillow. Then again, she may also bite you, scratch you, or try to trip you. That’s just purr for the course with these mysterious furry creatures! 


Kitties are always  on the lookout for warm napping spots. (Fluffy isn’t actually cold blooded, and she doesn’t utilize solar power, but we aren’t sure anyone has told her that yet.) It’s probably safe to say that at some point over the next 12 months, you’ll find your kitty peacefully snoozing in the sunlight. Get that little motor going by making your sleepy pet a comfy spot in a window, where she can relax and watch birds and squirrels. (You get bonus purrs if the spot has sunbeam access.)

Keep You Laughing

Cats may very well be worth their weight in gold when it comes to comedy relief. Fluffy’s adorable antics, harming vocalizations, cute expressions, and amusing reactions to things will never stop being funny. It’s probably safe to say that at some point this year, you’ll find yourself chuckling at your cute pet’s antics. In fact, that’s one of the best things about having a kitty. You have 24/7 comic relief on hand!

Take Complete Control Of The Internet

Fluffy is already well on her way to achieving this lofty goal. The way our feline friends have become internet stars is actually pretty amazing. We’ll never stop laughing at those cute videos of playful kitties being silly and adorable. We’re definitely looking forward to meeting next year’s adorable social media celebrekitties! 

Happy New Year from all of us here at Town and Country Animal Clinic, your Mt. Airy, GA animal hospital. Please contact us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs in 2024 and beyond!

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