Dental disease is the most frequently diagnosed health issue in pets. In fact, 80% of pets have early dental disease by the age of 3! If left untreated, dental disease can spread to other areas of the body, potentially causing heart, liver, lung and kidney disease. This can be prevented through routine dental care. Just as humans require regular dental cleanings and examinations, so do our pets. At Town and Country Animal Clinic, we provide a wide range of comprehensive dental care and services to help keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy.

The veterinarians and technicians at Town and Country Animal Clinic have extensive training and experience in pet dental care. We provide complete dental cleaning, or prophylaxis (sometimes called “dental prophy”), which is performed under a general anesthetic. We also offer dental scaling, probing, polishing, fluoride application, necessary extractions, and radiographing. Before and after the dental prophy, a prevention plan may include an antibiotic course, tooth brushing program, dental diet, oral gels and solutions, and safe dental chews.

Your pet’s oral health should be assessed by a veterinarian at least once a year. If you notice that your pet is exhibiting symptoms such as bad breath, tartar buildup, inflamed gums, difficulty chewing, or pawing at the mouth, contact us for an appointment right away. A complete blood analysis and comprehensive exam can detect the presence of dental disease. Give your pet a happy, healthy smile!