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  • Fall Horse Care

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    Fall can be a wonderful time for riders. You get to enjoy the foliage, and ride without boiling or freezing. However, like any other season, fall presents its own set of hazards. Fluctuating temperatures, schedule changes, and changes in foliage can all be harmful to your hooved friend. Read on for some fall care tips from a local vet. Food You may need to tweak your horse’s menu as the weather cools. If you ride … Read More »

  • Trailering Horses In Summer

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    Travel is back in full swing this year, and we know many people are enjoying things they had to put off during the pandemic. If you have a horse, you may be attending various fairs, rodeos, and other equestrian events. Or perhaps you’re more interested in taking Silver to a dude ranch or training center. Read on for some tips on traveling with horses in summer. Summer Travel Heat is going to be your biggest … Read More »