Choosing Your Kitty’s Holiday Gifts

Choosing Your Kitty’s Holiday Gifts

Do you still have a lot of holiday shopping left to do? Or are you more inclined to waiting until the last minute and getting it all done at once? It’s probably safe to say that your feline buddy will be very interested in investigating all of those bags and boxes you bring home, regardless of what’s in them. Don’t forget to pick up some things for your pet! We list lots of good gifts for cats in this article. Fluffy may even lend a helping paw while you wrap them for her! A Mt. Airy, GA veterinarian offers some insight on this below. 


Kitten Holiday Gifts


Is your feline buddy still a kitten? If so, you’re in for an adorable holiday season. Fluffy is at her most adorable at this time of year, but she is also at her most mischievous! It’s important to keep your tiny ball of fur entertained, so lots of toys are definitely necessary. Little Fluffy will enjoy batting at small mice and balls, but catnip may not be appropriate for her until she’s at least three months old.


Avoid kitten-sized furniture, since your pet will outgrow them so quickly. Opt for a fun cat tower with plenty of toys and nooks and crannies for your playful buddy to scamper on.


Presents For Adult Cats


Toys are still great options for adult cats. Catnip is on the list at this point. It’s fine to give Fluffy a classic catnip mouse, but you can also offer a live plant, catnip bubbles, or catnip spray. However, not every cat likes catnip. About half of these charming furballs are immune to its effects. If your little buddy doesn’t like catnip, get her honeysuckle cat toys instead. For some reason, kitties who do not like catnip also enjoy honeysuckle.


Gifts For Senior Cats This Holiday Season


As Fluffy enters her golden years, her focus may shift from toppling trees to napping under them. Comfort is key when it comes to caring for elderly felines. Consider investing in pet ramps or stairs, or perhaps a litterbox specifically designed for older cats. Another helpful option would be grooming furniture, such as a small kitty condo with a roller brush for your pet to rub against. Older cats may also benefit from supplements. Ask your Mt. Airy, GA veterinarian for specific advice. 


Modern Kitty Gadgets 

There’s no shortage of hi-tech toys for our feline buddies. There are more and more gadgets available to choose from every year, so our feline pals have quite a variety. You may want to try offering your kitty a robotic mouse or perhaps a remote-controlled toy. Fluffy can even try her paw at video games: there are now ones made for kitties to play on your phone or tablet. (This is an excellent way to repurpose a phone or tablet you’re upgrading.)


Also on the list of new pet products? Programmable paw pads. Cats are already pretty good at bossing us around, but this only makes it easier on them. 


Not all kitties need high-tech options. Fluffy’s obsession with boxes is one of her most amusing traits. You can take advantage of that adorable quirk at this time of year. After everyone has opened their gifts, give your furry friend some of the empties. You can even make a box castle for your feline overlord! This is a great kids’ project.


DIY Cat Presents


Some fantastic DIY options exist for kitty toys as well. For example, you can easily create your own catnip mice. Simply cut two pieces of material into identical shapes and place them together with the exterior facing inward. Stitch around the edges, leaving a small opening to pull the fabric through, and stuff it with catnip before closing the gap. After sealing it up, kindly remind your adorable pet not to play with the toy –  she’ll immediately go for it!


Gifts For Homeless Cats This Holiday Season


At any given moment, there are countless pets residing in shelters. Providing a sweet homeless kitty with a forever home would undoubtedly be the ultimate gift. However, adoption is a significant commitment and should not be taken lightly.  If that’s a bit much for you right now, that’s purrfectly fine! There are other ways to make a difference. You could donate funds or resources to your nearby shelter, or consider sponsoring an adoptable kitty in need of medical assistance.


If you want to help strays in your neighborhood, one thing you can do is put out cat shelters. All you need are a few storage totes. Put one inside the other, with newspaper in between for insulation. Cut a small door in one side, and place a soft blanket inside. This is a simple way to give a homeless cat a refuge from the weather.


Ask your vet for more information on helping local strays. 


Gifts That Work For All Cats


Beds, of course, are at the top of that list. Store-bought beds are fine, but if you’re crafty and creative, you can also make one. This is a cute way to recycle an old suitcase, drawer, or crate.


One thing that all of our feline friends would appreciate is a new bed. You can buy one, but you can also make one out of an old suitcase, drawer, or crate. 


Subscription boxes are another great option. Fluffy will receive a new box of toys every month. She may be more interested in the box than in what’s in it, but that’s just purr for the course. 


Scratching posts or boards are also good universal gifts. Fluffy can do her nails on a manicure station that looks like a taco, a cactus, a hippie van, or a turntable. You can choose something that matches your decor and style preferences.


Fluffy’s Best Gifts: Final Thoughts on Choosing The Perfect Gift


When considering your beloved furry friend’s presents, always prioritize safety. Avoid toys with small parts, as these can be choking risks. Additionally, be extra cautious when purchasing products from overseas, as some countries may lack strict quality regulations. Unfortunately, certain pet items have been found to contain harmful substances like BPAS and lead. 


Keep in mind that cats are unpredictable creatures who may prefer a simple bottle cap over expensive toys, or choose to sleep on a pizza box instead of a plush bed. You just never know with these little furballs!

You’ll also need to consider Fluffy’s unique personality when selecting toys or accessories. For instance, an anxious cat may benefit from comfort items, such as a pet tent, while bold and adventurous ones may enjoy exercise wheels or interactive toys. Pay attention to what your kitty likes and dislikes. 

Do you have more than one cat? Get a variety of things, so there’s something for everyone. If choosing pet furniture, pick pieces that can fit all of them at once. 


No matter what you get, remember to carve out some quality time with your furry friend. Cats really are precious gifts! 

All of us here at Town and Country Animal Clinic, your Mt. Airy, GA animal clinic, wish you a happy holiday season.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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