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  • Celebrating Pet Birds

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    September 17th is National Pet Bird Day! Polly may not be as popular as Fido and Fluffy, but she’s certainly won her fair share of devoted fans. Almost 3 percent of American households have birds. That may sound like a small number, but it works out to over 7.5 million. That’s quite a flock! A local vet offers some information on our feathered friends below. Most Popular Birds The parakeet—or Budgie or Budgerigar—wins the birdy … Read More »

  • Are Christmas Trees Safe for Pet Birds?

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    If you’re thinking about buying a Christmas tree this holiday season, you might be wondering if they are safe for pet birds. After all, birds love to chew on things and they aren’t too picky about what they put in their beaks! The good news is there are ways to ensure that your feathered friend stays healthy during the holidays.  Read on as a local vet talks about how to keep your bird happy and … Read More »

  • What Kind of Cage Does My Parakeet Need?

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    Parakeets are some of the most popular pet birds. They’re the perfect companions for busy people who want a pet that’s easy to care for. Parakeets are social birds that love to play, talk and be around their owners. While they’re not as demanding as other pet birds, there are still things you need to consider when it comes to their living conditions. Read on as a vet talks about things to consider when choosing … Read More »