Keeping Your Pets Safe In The Car

Keeping Your Pets Safe In The Car

Even though dogs love the wind blowing in their face while your driving down the road, the risk or danger involved simply is NOT worth it!  Dust, debris and even foreign objects are known to enter into your pets eyes causing damage, infection (such as conjunctivitis) or even ulcers.  Dog goggles are a good protection method for eyes although they do NOT protect their ears! When your dogs head is hanging out a vehicle window, his/her ears are “flopping” in the wind.  This can cause pressure, swelling or even internal bleeding (called ear flap hematoma).  This could result in surgery to repair the damage.

On a more serious note, your dog could potentially fall out of your vehicle while driving.  This may result in a harmful accident such as a broken leg or internal injuries or even a life threatening injury.  Allowing your pet’s head to be out your vehicle window should definitely be avoided.

Another dangerous habit is allowing your dog to ride in the back of a pickup truck.  The dog has no escape from the wind and therefore his/her eyes and ears are exposed to all of the same hazards as sticking their head out of the window.  The other problem that occurs when allowing a dog to ride in the back of a pickup truck is that your pet could easily jump out.  Your dog has no concept of how fast the vehicle is travelling and does not understand the possibility of injury. A simple bump in the road, swerve to avoid something on the road or even a car accident can lead to a potentially fatal situation for your furry friend.

From our experience or from a safety perspective, it is best to have your pet secured while inside your vehicle.  If he enjoys the smell and/or sound from the outside surroundings, leave the window cracked open to allow him fresh air.  Fastening your best friend into a seat is the safest option of all.  This allows your pet to enjoy the benefits of the car ride without putting your best friend in danger.

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