Veterinary diagnostic tools play an important role in keeping your pet healthy. Many medical conditions, such as cancer and diseases of the organs, simply cannot be seen on the surface of the skin. To properly identify and treat these illnesses, we must often delve beneath the surface. Just as with human medicine, veterinary professionals rely on tools such as x-rays, blood and urine tests, and ultrasound imaging to take a look at what’s going on under the skin so we can accurately diagnose and treat illnesses in a timely manner.

At Town and Country Animal Clinic, we provide advanced veterinary diagnostic services to our valued patients, including the following:

Digital Radiology

Radiology (x-ray) is a valuable tool for accurately assessing your pet’s health. The Town and Country Animal Clinic is equipped with a new digital x-ray unit. X-rays offer extremely high quality images of your pet’s internal structure and allow us to make timely and accurate diagnoses of a variety of conditions. Digital radiographs arrive on our computer screens within seven seconds!

In the event that the images we capture require a specialist’s opinion, they can be transmitted via the internet to a veterinary radiologist, with results in just a few hours. Following the x-ray study and follow-up consult, all pet owners are provided with a copy of the digital images on a disk.

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house lab features extensive laboratory equipment that can perform most of the diagnostic tests needed to assess your pet’s health. If needed, additional testing can also be performed at our local Reference Lab, with overnight results.

The in-house testing at Town and Country Animal Clinic includes: serum chemistry profiles, complete blood analysis, cytology (ear and skin exams), urine testing, and parasite testing. The results of these tests can be reached within just a few hours, allowing us to come to an accurate, timely diagnosis of your pet’s condition.


Cardiology involves the study of your pet’s heart and its functionality, which is particularly important during the later years in life. At Town and Country Animal Clinic, we can accurately diagnose many heart conditions through specific heart blood tests, chest digital radiographs and ultrasound (echocardiogram) at our affiliate clinic, and electrocardiograph (ECG) via the internet to veterinary cardiologists. Most of our heart patients are evaluated online by a specialist via the innovative Telemedicine internet service.


Ultrasound (Ultrasonography) examinations are an integral part of the diagnostic approach to making an accurate diagnosis of many conditions. Sometimes an x-ray may not provide a clear view of soft tissues changes. An ultrasound can often give a more clear and accurate view of changes in your pet’s body. Town and Country offers off-site ultrasound imaging at our affiliate clinic, Walker Road Animal Hospital, with same day results. The procedure is safe, painless and well-tolerated by most pets. Similar to digital radiology, ultrasound images can be reviewed online by veterinary specialists via Telemedicine internet service.