Recognizing Pain in Your Pet

Recognizing Pain in Your Pet


Since your furry family member cannot verbalize what he/she is feeling, the following checklist may help determine if your pet is experiencing pain.  These questions may be asked by your veterinary staff in order to establish a complete history on your pet.  Feel free to print this blog as a reference for your pet’s next visit.

Check all that apply

Abnormal Posture:

___   Prefers lying to sitting or standing

___   Sitting or resting in abnormal position

___   Shifting frequently


___   Crying/whining

___   None, when they normally would

Abnormal Gait:

___   Limping

___   Stiffness, particularly after resting

___   Trouble getting up from laying or seated position

___   Lagging behind or tiring easily during walks


___   Panting excessively


___   No longer able to do the things he/she used to

___   Reluctance to go for walks/climb stairs

___   Restless

___   Shivering/trembling

___   Hesitates before jumping onto the bed or couch or car

___   Hesitates to go up and down stairs


___   Cries or tries to bite when handled

___   Withdrawn

___   Doesn’t respond in situations that he/she used to


___ Changed


___   Looks unkempt

___   Licking or chewing in one area


If you are noticing any of these symptoms it may be a sign that your dog is in pain.  We suggest a physical examination be performed as soon as possible to determine the best pain treatment for your pet.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet, please call us at (519) 250-0099.

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