Dottie’s Story

Dottie’s Story

Celebrating Seniors month has given us the opportunity to encourage many pet owners to take a proactive approach to their pet’s health. This means early detection of disease through lab tests, and a complete physical exam to get your aging pet on the right track towards continued good health and prevention. One of the dogs we met this month is Dottie, a 7 year old Boston terrier. Dottie was adopted from the local Humane Society one year ago, and leads an active lifestyle with her new people. She loves going for walks, spending time with the family cat and playing  ball with the two young boys of the family. Dottie is sometimes known to get into a bit of trouble, often eating things she shouldn’t. Given the fact that her medical history is unknown, her owner felt it was important to have her tested for hidden problems. Dottie’s actual age would make her 44, which is the ideal time to pursue Wellness testing.


Dottie has a bit of nervous energy when she comes to the Veterinarian, but was easily calmed by Dr. Fetherston’s gentle manner and endless supply of  treats! Upon physical exam she presents to be outwardly healthy in almost every way. She has mild cloudiness in the lenses of her eyes, which means she may develop cataracts as she ages. Her heart, lungs and abdomen were normal, she has good oral health and an ideal body weight. Despite a clean bill of health, it was still important to recommend Wellness testing for Dottie because we cannot see from the outside how well her organs function, or if she has abnormal blood cells. Dogs and cats are excellent at keeping their symptoms of illness hidden, often until a disease process is very advanced. This is the main reason why prevention is the key, because it’s is much easier to detect and treat a problem in the early stages than it is to try to turn back the clock on a severe illness.

GREAT NEWS! The results are  in and Dottie has passed her tests! She has one very mild elevation ( high normal) in her liver, but its no cause for immediate concern. It has been recoomended that Dottie have her blood tested annually, just like a human adult in their forties. The plan for Dottie’s continued Wellness is: regular check-ups and vaccinations, regular tooth brushing and a healthy diet. She recieved a free bag of Medical Royal Canin Diet, which will keep her weight ideal and meet her nutrional needs. Dottie’s family is looking forward to having a lot of healthy years to spend with their happy little dog.

Is your pet approaching their Golden Years? It’s important to have your pet on the path to healthy living by testing them as early as age 7. If you have a cat or dog that is aged 7 or older, let us guide, inform and support you in a plan for happy, healthy years ahead. Prevention IS the key!

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