Tug’s Story

Tug’s Story

TUG2TUG 3   Our story is about our beloved dog Tug.  We have had Tug since he was just 6 weeks old.  He will be 11 years old in January 2016.  We have been taking Tug to see Dr Fetherston since we first got him for his annual visits and any other medical necessities. He has always been such a good patient.

Just about 1 year ago we noticed a growth on his neck.  Over the span of 2 months it grew larger.  He was doing great other than this growth.  We brought him in to see Dr Fetherston who determined it would be best to take a aspiration sample of the mass to send away to a pathologist.   The pathologist report came back that it was cancerous and suspected it to be thyroid cancer.   We took Tug to Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency For Pets.  While there we saw Dr. Kozicki, the oncologist.  Two days later Tug had his surgery to remove the tumour by Veterinary surgeon Dr Karen Maxworthy.  His surgery went very well and we returned to Dr Fetherston 2 days after being discharged from Blue Pearl for a follow up.   He started his chemotherapy 1 month after surgery which consisted of chemotherapy injections every 3 weeks for a total of 4 treatments.  During his chemo treatments he needed followup blood tests to ensure the chemo was not negatively affecting his blood cells.  He was doing great.  The veterinary technicians at Town And Country Animal Clinic said he was such a great patient.

We recently got back from Tuggie’s first post-chemotherapy recheck and everything is great.  He shows no signs of cancer in his chest x-rays. TUG1

We are so thankful and grateful to all of the veterinary team members, both at Town and Country Animal Clinic and Blue Pearl, for their treatment and care during this past year.  He is back to his old self, happy and full of energy!~ Since his recent recheck has been so positive we are looking forward to many more years with our RED & TUGhandsome boy.


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