You may ask, why do pets need grooming? Grooming involves more than just making your pet look good. It’s actually vital to their overall health!

Here are just a few of the many benefits of grooming:

  • Sociability. Clean and well-groomed pets are more enjoyable companions to be around. This strengthens the bond between the owner, the pet and the family unit as a whole.
  • External and internal health issues can often be detected by a groomer
  • Eliminating the spread of disease and dirt. Ungroomed pets are more likely to be prone to external parasites that can harbor dangerous diseases that can also affect humans.
  • Presenting a positive public image. Keeping your pet clean and healthy makes a statement about you. It says you are a caring, responsible pet owner that loves your pet like a family member.

Our standard grooming fee includes a medicated bath specific to your pet’s needs, hand and spa blow drying, professional hair trimming according to the owner’s instructions, and a professional pedicure (nail trim). Additional grooming options include anal gland examination, tooth brushing, ear canal cleaning and flushing, and examinations by Town and Country veterinarians if needed. Start grooming your pet regularly and you will have a happy, healthy pet that will enjoy being a part of the family!

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