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  • Recognizing Signs of Heart Disease

      Heart disease can affect any breed of dog or cat.  Early diagnosis and treatment can be critical to your pet’s quality of life and life expectancy.  Here is a checklist to help determine if your pet is displaying symptoms of heart disease. Breed Predisposition (Dogs): ___   Boxer                   ___   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel        ___   Miniature Poodle ___   Chihuahua           ___   Doberman Pinscher                         ___   Scottish Deerhound ___   Dachshund          ___   Great Dane                                       ___   Whippet ___   Pekinese              … Read More »

  • Senior Care Checklist

      As your pet ages, behavioural changes or signs of deterioration can often occur.  Answering some simple questions can help identify any age related issues early on.  This survey will help us assess issues that require immediate medical attention or monitoring at home.  Senior pet screening is recommended for all patients 7 years of age and older.  Feel free to print this blog as a reference for your pet’s next visit. Have you noticed any … Read More »

  • Recognizing Pain in Your Pet

    Since your furry family member cannot verbalize what he/she is feeling, the following checklist may help determine if your pet is experiencing pain.  These questions may be asked by your veterinary staff in order to establish a complete history on your pet.  Feel free to print this blog as a reference for your pet’s next visit. Check all that apply Abnormal Posture: ___   Prefers lying to sitting or standing ___   Sitting or resting in abnormal … Read More »

  • What Is Making My Pet So Itchy

    There are many reasons that may cause your pet to become itchy.  The following are signs and symptoms you can monitor to help determine why your pet may be itching.  These may be questions asked by your veterinary staff in order to establish a complete history on your pet.  Feel free to print this blog as a reference for your next examination. 1.       Presenting Symptoms: please check any that apply. ___     Hair loss ___     Odour/Smell … Read More »

  • How To Prepare Your Pet For A Disaster

    Disasters can be a difficult time for both pets and people alike.  To ensure you are keeping your pet safe, the following are some tips to help you prepare for disaster: Before the event occurs, find out which evacuation shelters allow pets: It is common for people to be turned away at relief shelters because some facilities do not accommodate pets.   If there is the possibility of a disaster occurring in your area, call your … Read More »

  • Thunderstorm / Fireworks Anxiety

    Animals have a natural instinct to seek shelter when exposed to loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms.  During their attempt to escape, your pet may damage property, injure themselves or any person near them in an attempt to hide.  For this reason we DO NOT RECOMMEND trying to hold your pet back or prevent them from hiding as this may cause injury to you.  In order to deal with thunderstorm and firework anxiety it … Read More »

  • Cherry Eye

    What is Cherry Eye? There is a gland located in the third eyelid, known as the third eyelid gland.  This gland is normally hidden behind the third eyelid and kept in position by a small ligament.  A Cherry Eye is when this gland prolapses and is visible with the eye.   Cherry Eye is thought to be caused by a laxity or weakness of the ligament holding it in place.  What breeds are predisposed to Cherry … Read More »

  • Corneal Ulcer

    What is a corneal ulcer? The cornea is the transparent front layer of the eyeball.  It is made up of several complex layers.  An ulcer occurs when there is a disruption to one or more layers of the cornea.  An ulcer can be very shallow and only effect minimal layers (ex: a scratch or abrasion).  They can also be very deep and can possibly cause the eye to rupture.  If the ulcer is deep there … Read More »

  • Keeping Your Pets Safe In The Car

    Even though dogs love the wind blowing in their face while your driving down the road, the risk or danger involved simply is NOT worth it!  Dust, debris and even foreign objects are known to enter into your pets eyes causing damage, infection (such as conjunctivitis) or even ulcers.  Dog goggles are a good protection method for eyes although they do NOT protect their ears! When your dogs head is hanging out a vehicle window, … Read More »

  • The Best Way To Feed Your Pet

    There are different options of how to feed your dog and cat in order to properly monitor their eating habits.  This allows you (the owner) to identify if your pet has stopped eating and when that has occurred.  It also allows you to ensure how much food your pet is consuming.  No matter which method you choose to feed your furry friend we always recommend they have access to fresh water and we recommend that … Read More »